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Get Your Little One To Sleep Any Way You Like & Still Have A Happy Baby Who Sleeps Better At Night

(With Far Less Effort, Stress Or Anxiety Than You Ever Thought Possible)!

Welcome to The Intuitive Baby Sleep Program!

This program shows you how to improve sleep for babies and children under 2 in a biologically appropriate way in as little as a week, whilst still allowing you to respond the way that feels natural and intuitive.

It works by combining modern baby sleep science and research (spearheaded by Dr Pamela Douglas & others) with your evolutionary ‘mama-bear’ intuition for what your baby wants and needs.

 When you implement 6 small, responsive changes to your day accurately, consistently & simultaneously, you’ll notice your little one sleeping better – just like over 95% of our clients have reported.

Meet The Program Creator - Lucy

Hi! I’m Lucy & I’m the creator of The Intuitive Baby Sleep Program. I formulated this sleep program after months of struggling with my youngest one’s sleep & feeling very uncomfortable with the persistent advice to delay responding to his cries because he needed to ‘learn to self settle’.

It’s completely normal to feel drained and on edge when your baby wakes frequently overnight – but there are things you can do to help your little one establish healthy sleep patterns, while still maintaining the connection and intuitive response missing from Sleep Training methods.

The Intuitive Sleep Approach

Our approach is to work with your baby to develop a healthy, modern attitude to sleep that ensures your baby’s needs are met in a way that increases the nurturing, beautiful bond between you (while starting to consolidate her sleep during the night)…

Our Program has been called the ‘anti-sleep program’ program because it’s so unlike everything you’ve already tried.

There’s no defined set of procedures or schedules, just you and your baby learning to know each other.

The core elements of the program emphasise going about your day in a totally normal way – & incorporating your baby into it.

In fact – you’re probably already doing some of the elements, but you just haven’t combined them in the right way yet (or been consistent with them).

In the first 2 years of life, your baby is teething, reaching developmental milestones, experiencing new sensations & emotions every single day.

Research shows that most babies don’t to start to ‘sleep through’ until around the 2-year mark (regardless of which sleep program has been followed), and that before this it is biologically normal to experience some waking at night.

Everything in The Intuitive Baby Sleep Program is fully researched, with citations. Tap here to check out our Research Base

Our aim is to have your baby take the sleep they need, but guide them over time to consolidate more of it at night.

Specific times when your baby should and shouldn’t be sleeping is stressful and mostly unnecessary. Intuitively, you know that every baby is different, and what they’re exposed to on a day-to-day basis is different too. We focus on flexibility and understanding your baby.

Although we don’t prescribe wake windows or timed routines, you and your baby will FIND a routine that works for both of you and gives the predictability you both need.

This routine will change over time as your baby grows, but we show you how to understand this and work with it.

Breastfeed, rock or pat to sleep. Whatever suits you!

Co-sleeping is absolutely encouraged, if this is what you want – as long as it’s done safely and in the appropriate environment!

Crying caused by comfort deprivation is not something we encourage. Your baby may be happy to fall asleep themselves, but if not, how you get them to sleep is up to you.

Babies will sleep when they need to, in pretty much every environment. When you think of how babies USED to be raised, you might intuitively know this to be true! On mama’s back as she worked. Or surrounded by siblings and noise. The luxury of darkened rooms at midday and noise machines is a very new phenomenon, and actually does little to aid sleep.

'The Intuitive Program is special. It's totally responsive and legitimately gentle. The 6 Elements are supported by quality scientific research AND are incredibly effective.' - Jessica, IL .

What Do You Receive When You Join The Program?

Program Cost - $67 USD

For a limited time, we're offering the following bonuses when you purchase The Intuitive Baby Sleep Program

Our Intuitive Dream Team (made up of mamas who’ve been exactly where you are) is available to you via email for 1-1 support as long as you need them to help you troubleshoot issues and answer questions.

Part of our app-based community membership called Bright (find out more about Bright here).

Our community is in it’s own, secure, private app and is where you can ask questions, seek support, make friends and receive guidance for your sleep journey!

It is never too early to start two-way communication with your baby (even if they can’t speak yet!) and baby signing is the perfect way to do it.

In this short 3 video series, the amazing Debbie Bundock introduces you to the wonderful world of Baby Keyword Sign Language for Hearing Babies, using Auslan Keyword Signs. Baby signing gives your hearing baby the ability to communicate, well before they develop verbal language.

When you’ve started seeing some success in the program, you’ll realise how beneficial baby wearing can be!

In this course, our baby wearing expert Alyce Mostert presents a topic that is as old as the human race itself, as she discusses options, safety, styles, preferences and benefits for carrying your baby.

In this short, 3 video series, you’ll learn how you can establish a play space optimised for learning AND what toys are best for developing minds (hint: they’re probably not what you think!).

Course instructor Mel holds a Masters in gifted education, teaches highly gifted students AND is raising three highly capable children herself! Here, she presents where to begin with giving your child the best possible start to learning.

Part of our app-based community membership called Bright (find out more about Bright here).

Our resident Yoga Mama Jessica Dowlitsingh welcomes you into her studio for mama focused practice & meditation.

Part of our app-based community membership called Bright (find out more about Bright here).

Personal trainer Lynne Bankhead shows you how to start reclaiming your fitness & body with short weekly workouts and group coaching for mamas – no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

Part of our app-based community membership called Bright (find out more about Bright here).

Join early learning expert Brenna as she offers play ideas, weekly activities & more to help you spark the creativity and imagination in both your little one AND you!

Part of our app-based community membership called Bright (find out more about Bright here).

Our resident IBCLC qualifed lactation expert Lex Beach is available to assist you with any issue related to feeding, including refusal, cracked nipples, supply, tongue tie & more!

Limited Time Offer -Bonuses included with Program for only $67 USD

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Not everyone wants the extra stuff - & that's totally fine!
$ 67 USD Once off
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  • All 'Day In The Life Of' videos
  • Printable PDFs & Checklists
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$ 67 USD & then $21 monthly (cancellable at any time)
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  • Access to our "No Family Left Behind" money back guarantee (see below)
  • Unlimited email support remains, even if you cancel ongoing Bright membership
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Our 'No Family Left Behind' Guarantee

This program is the way EVERY parent should be taught to help their baby and we firmly believe in its power to change your understanding of what causes sleep in babies – and lead to more appropriate sleep techniques!

If you’ve been utilising our 1-1 email support, seeking advice & assistance in our sleep community and have been implementing the program consistently, accurately & simultaneously for 30 days, but are yet to see an improvement in your stress levels or your baby’s sleep, we’ll refund the full cost of the program OR give you continued free access to the sleep community until you do.

Choose Your Currency

All of the guidance and support you need to establish healthy and natural, long-term sleep patterns which are flexible and biologically and developmentally appropriate for your unique little person.

The tools to strengthen your connection and ability to communicate with your baby. Helping you get back to finding the joy in those precious little moments!

The knowledge you need to push back against the pressure from friends and family to Sleep Train - with the backing of our extensively researched, evidence-based recommendations.

The confidence to trust your intuition again, supporting you to be able to get your baby to sleep using whichever method (and safe location!) feels right for you.

The freedom to leave behind the outdated and unnecessary rules, regulations and rigidity that so often results in increased stress, unhealthy comparison, unrealistic expectations and unnecessary worry for us as modern parents.

The support of a whole digital village of Intuitive Parents who share your parenting philosophy and have been through the Program so can share their tips and experiences to help guide you as you get started.

The expertise of our Dream Team Support Agents, who have all used our Program with their own children and assisted THOUSANDS of others on their journey to healthy sleep, comfort and connection with their own beautiful babies.

AND, most importantly …

The relief of knowing that you can follow your baby’s lead and parent from a place of compassion, respect and intuitive responsiveness while also sleeping well overnight.

Wondering if the Intuitive Baby Sleep Program actually works?

Here's what 3 of our clients have said

This program has helped my baby and myself sleep better, which in return has helped my sanity😜

"We went from 6 night wakings to just 1.Sometimes there are no wakings at all.This program has helped my baby and myself sleep better, which in return has helped my sanity.I would absolutely recommend this program because it WORKS!NO leaving your baby to cry etc. Thanks to Lucy for this incredible program that has changed our lives. 💕"

⭐ Siobhan ⭐

This is a huge improvement for us and I'm so thankful!

"Our baby had been waking up every 30 min to an hour for the last month. I was almost in tears at night and so frustrated.On the 3rd night after putting the videos into practice baby is waking every 3 hours.That’s a huge change for us and I’m so thankful!I have hope that it will keep getting better."

⭐ Katie ⭐

It works!!! We're both so much more rested and content now.

"I purchased the program a week before my son turned 1.He used to wake between 3-8 times a night. We're down to 1 waking and stirring for a feed at 4am. So far so good!It works!!! We're both so much more rested and content now.Thank you!!!"

⭐ Maree ⭐

Our Intuitive Program vs Sleep Training

These ‘old school’ methods revolve around the need to train baby to settle themselves rather than seek comfort from their caregivers, because it is ‘inconvenient’ when baby seeks us out in the night.


Instead, our Program works to preserve this nurturing bond & secure attachment between parent & baby while still improving sleep quality, in a way that is developmentally appropriate for each baby.

Unlike most of the ideas which are implemented in conventional sleep training, which are based on outdated research from the 1950’s our Program has been created based on the latest research into sleep science & infant development. Check out our Research Base here.

Do you feel like your days revolve around rushing to get home at a certain time because baby needs to nap?


With the Intuitive Program you aren’t locked in to a specific ‘plan’ built around awake windows, schedules & nap times, instead our programs’ 6 Elements fit naturally into your life – without ruling it!


Most Con

ventional sleep specialists create plans which dictate the time at which you do certain things (such as naps) each day. These can result in a lot of stress, days tailored around nap times & a life that revolves around sleep!

Smart Questions Other Mamas Have Asked Too

The program is different from many others in that it is 100% biological & entirely scientific, which is why it works for such a huge majority of babies. It achieves improved nighttime sleep by synchronising baby’s Essential Sleep Factors and Circadian Rhythm. You will follow our 6 Elements to make simple changes to the way your baby fills their day. You will learn to tune in to your baby’s cues & allow them to naturally regulate the timing & length of the naps that they take. We show you how to integrate & implement these Elements in order to synchronise your baby’s nighttime sleep so that it better aligns with yours. You can then join the ranks of thousands of other parents & babies who are sleeping better & feeling more connected thanks to our Program!

Yes! Closed captions are available in English for each video in The Intuitive Baby Sleep Program. Just click on the [CC] option on the video and select English to utilise this function.

The Program delivers biologically and developmentally supportive sleep so is suitable from birth onwards! The core units are designed primarily for babies between 3-24 months of age. The Program itself can still be used for newborns (where the focus is on establishing a healthy Circadian Rhythm rather than reducing wakings), older toddlers and children though; with the help of the modification guides which are included as part of the Program Resource Library.

  •  You can comfort your baby whenever they need you. We do not require baby to self-settle in order to sleep well & do not teach self-settling. This is a milestone which baby will achieve naturally & in their own time.
  •  You can choose how to get your baby down to sleep – you can feed, pat & rock or simply lay them down if this is what works for you.
  • There are no prescribed awake times, nap schedules or specific routines that you need to follow. We respect that every baby has unique sleep requirements which can vary day-to-day. Baby may develop a predictable routine naturally once the program is established but we do not force them into a schedule.
  • No need to purchase expensive sleep devices such as red lamps or white noise.
  • An ‘amazingly simple’ methodology – our clients are often amazed that such improvements can come from something so simple (you’re probably doing some of the Elements already!) but it is the combination of all 6 Elements being implemented simultaneously & consistently which delivers the significant improvements that so many of our clients experience.
  • *A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is included with our Support Package Upgrade.

We have surveyed hundreds of families in our tester groups & thousands of randomly-selected clients.

Once you start implementing all of the program Elements accurately & consistently 50% will see some sleep improvements within seven days, with 80% seeing considerable improvements within two weeks. 97% of participants see significantly improved nighttime sleep within 30 Days using our Program & with the assistance of our Bright Dream Team.

The Program is delivered via a series of 13 self-paced video units and accompanying guidebook resources.


The videos will take about an hour and a half for you to view. You then begin incorporating the 6 Elements of the Program into your daily life instantly!


General assistance, tips and advice are available to all clients within our amazing Sleep Program Community Group in the Bright App.

Should you need one-on-one troubleshooting assistance once you get started with the Program, a Support Package Upgrade can be purchased.


This includes lifetime access to one-on-one, on-demand troubleshooting assistance via email with your personal Dream Team Support Agent and 30 Days of eligibility for the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee per our Refund Policy.

Due to the very nature of the Program & how it uses our innate biological processes, it is highly likely that if you implement everything as we advise then you will see improvements in your baby’s sleep within 30 Days.


The exception here is if there is an underlying medical issue that may be contributing to the sleep disruptions. We encourage all of our clients to consult their doctors first to rule this out.


Periods of teething, illness or age-linked sleep regressions may also delay the improvements resulting from the Program. We cover these issues within our Resource Library content and recommend trying the Program for at least 30 Days to allow these phases to pass & give the Program the best possible chance to work.

If you’ve tried sleep consultants, sleeping devices, self settling, timed naps & other commonly believed rules, then you are just like us & a vast majority of our clients!


We spent a small fortune on all of the above before formulating this Program. We were thrilled to finally have figured out what worked so well for us & has now worked for thousands of others too! It is effective because the program harnesses the innate biological processes that we as humans all have, whereas most of the ‘sleep techniques’ commonly sold instead manipulate baby’s behaviour to silence them overnight.

Our Program doesn’t offer any specific advice for multiples. Though it can be effective, we do not generally recommend it if you hope that both babies’ will synchronise sleep and wake patterns in unison. As we do not prescribe time-based routines, this is not something that our Program can promise.

The program can be successful for children in daycare under certain circumstances.


The program was designed for babies who spend majority of their day in the care of people who understand the program and are willing to implement it. This could be one parent, two parents or a combination of parents and carers, but it relies on the carer being able to observe and interact closely with the child in order to implement a majority of the Elements.


Realistically I would not expect to see results from the program if baby is at daycare full time unless they were in a relatively small home-style care environment where the carer was able to familiarise themselves with the program and observe and respond to their cues quite consistently.


With this in mind I would recommend opting for the Support Package Upgrade once you get started, if you aren’t 100% sure whether it will suit your needs or work with your childcare arrangement. This is because the Support package includes one-on-one email assistance for as long as required to get the program working for you as well as eligibility for the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. This means that you can receive a full refund of the Program Fee if you find the program isn’t working for you 😊

This program was primarily designed for those experiencing disrupted overnight sleep to improve nighttime sleep quality, so day naps aren’t a focus of the program. With that in mind many of our clients find that everything synchronises & improves together once the program is established, but if your nighttime sleep is already excellent I wouldn’t necessarily advise making too many significant changes as this will likely be disrupted (at least initially) by doing so.


If baby is sleeping well overnight & is allowed to take naps as needed during the day then I would not be concerned that they aren’t getting the sleep that they need 😊

The Program can be implemented with all safe sleeping arrangements including safe co-sleeping, bedsharing or cots. We just require that clients familiarise themselves with the safe sleeping guidelines/recommendations relevant to their preferred sleeping arrangements & apply these prior to starting the Program.

Baby sleeping through the night is certainly achievable as a result of the Intuitive program, but it depends on your individual baby & their developmental readiness to do so; so we don’t guarantee a certain number of wakings overnight.


Generally the clients who find success with the program report at least a 70% reduction in wakings initially, with ongoing improvements continuing over time. Fussy periods such as teething, illness or sleep regressions can disrupt progress, but generally everything settles back down once these pass.

Our advice for transferring & transitioning to the cot is included in the Program Resource Library. Sleep location won’t impact the efficacy of the Program so our actual videos don’t cover this specifically.


Even though it isn’t a focus of the Program many of our clients find that baby is considerably easier to transfer since implementing everything as they are generally sleeping more solidly & are easier to get down to sleep.

Our program is based on a pool of research which includes that of the wonderful Dr Pamela Douglas, who is the founder of Australian organisation Possums. This is the same research used for the Possums Approach so at the core it modifies similar variables & may not prove helpful if you have previously tried the Possums program.


We have an excellent working relationship with Possums & donate a percentage of our profits back to their organisation in order to further their research into infant health & development.

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