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Turn Your Intuitive Experience From Great To Incredible

We'd like to offer you an exclusive bonus...

A 30 day free trial of our members-only community for intuitive mothers wanting to raise bright, healthy & smart kids.

We envision a future where mothers raise their kids supported by online communities that are filled with support & guidance. 

We created our own online corner of the internet to make this happen!

Our membership is in our own downloadable app called Bright, where you can access the Intuitive Baby Sleep Program, additional courses, community, guidance, experts & more.

The membership is a home for mamas all over the world who want a single, safe place to seek support, like-minded community, personal coaching and expert guidance to navigate motherhood!

All the advice, guidance, expertise & support you need to find your intuition, stand in your power and grow your connection with yourself & your family

This is what you'll find inside...

Our sleep community

A wonderful addition to the 1-1 support (and sometimes even better as you get the perspectives of many mothers), our sleep community is supportive, non-judgemental and only wants to help. Post a question, photo, comment or video and receive advice & support from mothers all over the globe who know what you’re going through.

All your memberships rolled into one

If you’ve ever thought about joining a yoga, fitness, mindfulness or play ideas membership (or have them already!) you can replace them with Bright. Access 1-1, group training, courses and community support perfectly tailored to your new parenting role.

A Social Network, Done Differently.

All Bright members are parents who believe in raising children from a place of compassion, being intentional and supporting each other.

Groups, 1-1 messaging and personal profiles all make Bright a social platform, but you won’t find filtered photos, “comparisonitis”, influencers or fake profiles here.

You will find an environment where your parenting choices are supported, with new and established parents sharing experiences, ideas and support.

1-1, Q&A, group support, content & more from our experts and coaches

Our experts offer every type of support you can think of to help you get the answers and find the help you need.

Our unique Groups structure means you can add yourself only to the groups that are most relevant to you at your point in your parenting journey.

From teething to tantrums, early learning and picky eating, Bright has a host of experts and creators that you can receive advice from.

Baby & Toddler Sleep
Creator of The Intuitive Baby Sleep Program, Lucy and her team are dedicated to helping your household sleep better, as well as undoing the stress & anxiety created by sleep training.
Early Learning
Brenna McCormick brings her teaching experience to Bright with weekly ideas and activities designed to activate your little one's love of learning.
Single Parenting
Raising kids is hard if you're a single mother (or have a partner so useless you may as well be). Taylor Feldman's The Un-Single Mother helps you redefine your story to whatever you want it to be.
Lactation support
Lex Beach is Bright's very own IBCLC and is available to answer your questions and provide general guidance on everything breast and bottle feeding.
Post Partum Fitness
Certified Personal Trainer. Pre/Post Natal Specialist. Lynne Bankhead is avid about helping people find joy in fitness and helping mom’s gain confidence in their new bodies

All for $21/month

But yours free to try for 30 days

Just tap above to add Bright to your Intuitive experience. You’ll gain access to Bright & be charged $21 in 30 days (unless you cancel, which you can do any time at all!)

A focus on you

We are endlessly devoted to helping you succeed.

When you join Bright, we want to make sure you’re supported as much as possible to achieve the results you’re looking for, whether it be better sleep for your child, better fitness for you, a calmer or more relaxed household or simply even a space for you to be by yourself.

We believe that when we support you – the mother, we support the world.

When you join Bright, this is what you can expect

  1. An immediate email from our Bright Support Team, welcoming you, giving you some tips to get started in Bright and asking what they can provide to support your goals.
  2. A personal invitation within 12 hours to the platform (we manually invite people into the platform to ensure our community is kept safe).
  3. A welcome post in our home group – “The Family Room”
  4. One of our support partners to reach out personally to connect with you and answer any questions you have.
  5. The ability to immediately join any group, or view courses you have paid for (or been gifted as bonuses!).

Our experts and guides are just like you – busy mamas who value community, support and help where it’s needed. You’ll be able to seek advice and support, join the discussions post, comment and ask questions from our community guides as often as you need to.

You joined Bright for a reason, and we’re dedicated to helping you achieve that. Surround yourself with a close knit community of likeminded mothers who will celebrate you, hold space for you and help hold you accountable to be your happiest, fulfilled self.

Bright belongs to you. if you want changes, updates, new content, tailored advcie or anything at all, all you need to do is ask. We’re here to help you succeed.

We know that notifications from your phone are a distraction. As a platform dedicated to helping you reconnect with yourself, we go silent on Sundays to keep from interrupting your weekend (you can still chat, post and comment if you need to though!).

All for a low, cancellable-at-any-time monthly subscription

Subscription includes access to...

All for $21/month

But yours free to try for 30 days

Just tap above to add Bright to your Intuitive experience. You’ll gain access to Bright & be charged $21 in 30 days (unless you cancel, which you can do any time at all!)

If you believe in parenting from a place of compassion, respect and intuitive responsiveness, Bright is for you.

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