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The baby sleep program based on modern research that promises no crying, no stress, no wake windows, self settling or timed routines.

It works by making 6 small, responsive changes to your day that when combined produce better sleep for 95% of families within a week.

This program is totally different to the anything else you’ve tried…

Formulated from the research of Dr. Pamela Douglas & other medical professionals specialising in infant behaviour & sleep science, we show you how to improve sleep for babies and children under 2 in a biologically appropriate way, whilst still allowing you to respond the way that feels most natural and intuitive to you.

These 6, small, responsive changes are so normal, intuitive & unlike all the advice you’ve read or paid for, you’ll wonder if they could possibly work…

But when implemented accurately, simultaneously and consistently, magic happens.

We're giving away the 6 Core Elements of The Intuitive Baby Sleep Program. To get your free PDF copy, just tap the button below!

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