The Intuitive Baby Sleep Program

Peaceful Nights, Comfort & Connection

Are you struggling with your baby's sleep & have either tried all the 'conventional' sleep training methods, or simply cannot bear to have your baby cry to sleep?

Over 95% of our parents report improved sleep and less stress within 2 weeks of implementing the program.


About Me

Hi! I'm Lucy & I'm the creator of The Intuitive Baby Sleep Program. I live in the beautiful Western Australia with my husband & two sons. I formulated this sleep program after months of struggling with my youngest one's sleep & feeling very uncomfortable with the persistent advice to delay responding to his cries because he needed to 'learn to self settle'.


In the past year alone I've helped thousands of modern parents free themselves from the shackles of 'Sleep Training stress' and get back to enjoying rest and connection with their baby, in the most evidence-based and developmentally and biologically supportive way possible!


It's completely normal to feel drained and on edge when your baby wakes frequently overnight - but there are things you can do to help your little one establish healthy sleep patterns, while still maintaining the connection and intuitive response missing from Sleep Training methods.


Did you know it's possible to:

Ignore 'sleep' and 'wake' windows, so you can stop obsessing and stressing over them.

Cuddle, feed or comfort your little one to sleep so that you maintain a deep connection.

Establish healthy nighttime sleep patterns and enjoy better quality sleep.

Be free from the rigid routines which are ruining your day.

Restore your intuitive connection with your baby.

Do away with the guilt and pressure of Sleep Training.

Get back to enjoying those irreplaceable, precious moments with your beautiful baby!

About The Program


The Intuitive Baby Sleep Program is a modern way to improve the sleep of your baby, based entirely on science & instinct. Designed based on the research of Dr. Pamela Douglas & other medical professionals specialising in infant behaviour & sleep science, The Intuitive Program works by changing how you structure your day & respond to baby's cues.

You will not be doing any 'training' to change baby's behaviour. You will not be locked in to specific nap times throughout the day. You will not be delaying your own responses when baby seeks comfort in order to encourage them to self settle before they would naturally. This is why there is no crying involved & also why it works for such a huge majority of babies (& parents!).

The key to achieving these goals is the synchronisation of several critical biological processes -  what we call the 'Essential Sleep Factors'.

What Are The Essential Sleep Factors & Why Are They Important?

All human bodies (regardless of age) naturally decide when to sleep based on important primary biological processes (which we refer to as the Essential Sleep Factors).


These factors are both internal signals the brain gives when it observes the body needs rest, as well as cues taken from the environment.


In newborns and young babies, these factors have yet to properly establish themselves. This is because they have come from an environment where such biological processes were simply not necessary!


Without our bodies responding in synch to internal and external cues, our sleep patterns become disrupted (we experience this ourselves on a small scale with jet lag)!


While the erratic, uncoordinated sleep patterns we see in babies are often influenced by a variety of factors (teething, developmental leaps, pain or discomfort are frequent contributors), it is these biological factors that are the most important for establishing healthy sleep patterns.


And when these processes are working together (i.e. synchronised), babies - and adults! Can start enjoying healthier, biologically and developmentally supportive sleep.

What The Modern Research Shows

Over the past 50 years, there has been a LOT of research into sleep - and we know a lot more than we used to about what causes sleep to occur.


For example, we know that some still-common beliefs pushed by Sleep Training programs (such as the need for age-determined 'wake windows') are not supported by science.


Our Program is totally different, in that it was developed with a solid foundation in quality Modern scientific research. You can view our Research Base by tapping here.


All of our guidebooks are documents are full in-text referenced, allowing you to fact-check our recommendations every step of the way.

The Problem With Sleep Training

For those that have tried sleep training and found it didn't work, you'll now likely start to have an understanding as to why - sleep is largely a matter of biology, NOT behavioural training.


It is biologically normal for babies to wake overnight!


However, there is a larger issue that you may have noticed.


Depending on age, your little one is likely to wake overnight anyway.


All sleep training appears to achieve is to teach your baby not to bother seeking comfort - which is the complete opposite of what most parents would aspire to.


Rather than prioritising what is biologically and developmentally appropriate for each baby's unique needs, Sleep Training favours the use of comfort deprivation training to silence baby overnight.

A Better, Stress-Free Alternative

There is a slow revolution starting to occur around the world.


Parents are starting to understand that the beliefs and culture surrounding baby sleep (particularly in Western countries) are outdated and are searching for something better...


One where the focus is on following and supporting the developmental needs of each individual baby, and that as a result of doing away with rigid schedules and the worry of 'doing the wrong thing,' actually completely transforms what many parents find an incredibly stressful, anxious time.

Introducing The Intuitive Baby Sleep Program

Perfectly tailored to your baby's unique sleep requirements

Responsively communicate with your baby & comfort them whenever they need you

Feed, rock or pat to sleep if this works for you

Supportive of all safe sleeping arrangements, including safe co-sleeping & bedsharing

No strict routines or schedules required

A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with our Support Package Upgrade


The Intuitive Baby Sleep Program is where you'll learn our 6 Intuitive Sleep Elements, specifically designed to synchronise baby's Essential Sleep Factors - but that is really just the beginning, the Program delivers SO much more than that...

It's the place where thousands of Intuitive Parents from all over the globe are coming together, learning how to implement the Program and supporting each other to be the best parents they can be.

'The Intuitive Program is special. It's totally responsive and legitimately gentle. The 6 Elements are supported by quality scientific research AND are incredibly effective.' - Jessica, IL .


What do Intuitive Baby Sleep Program Clients Experience?

All of the guidance and support you need to establish healthy and natural, long-term sleep patterns which are flexible and biologically and developmentally appropriate for your unique little person.

The tools to strengthen your connection and ability to communicate with your baby. Helping you get back to finding the joy in those precious little moments!

The knowledge you need to push back against the pressure from friends and family to Sleep Train - with the backing of our extensively researched, evidence-based recommendations.

The confidence to trust your intuition again, supporting you to be able to get your baby to sleep using whichever method (and safe location!) feels right for you.

The freedom to leave behind the outdated and unnecessary rules, regulations and rigidity that so often results in increased stress, unhealthy comparison, unrealistic expectations and unnecessary worry for us as modern parents.

The support of a whole digital village of Intuitive Parents who share your parenting philosophy and have been through the Program so can share their tips and experiences to help guide you as you get started.

The expertise of our Dream Team Support Agents, who have all used our Program with their own children and assisted THOUSANDS of others on their journey to healthy sleep, comfort and connection with their own beautiful babies.

The security of knowing that should you be unhappy with the Program you can receive a full refund of the Program price via our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee when you purchase the Support Package Upgrade after starting the Program.


AND, most importantly …


The relief of knowing that you can follow your baby’s lead and parent from a place of compassion, respect and intuitive responsiveness while also sleeping well overnight.

Don’t just take our word for it though, we want the experiences of our actual clients to speak for us! You can read some of our client feedback right here.

Do These Biological Processes Mean My Baby Will 'Sleep Through the Night'

If you're looking for the magic recipe which will result in your baby 'Sleeping Through the Night' then our Program may not be the right fit for you...

While many of our clients' report that their baby does sleep through as a result of our Program, this isn't actually the goal that the Program was designed to achieve.
Instead, our Program works to deliver sleep improvements that are biologically and developmentally appropriate for your baby at that point in time. For some this means sleeping all night long, for others, this means still waking occasionally to feed overnight.

Thousands of Parents have Tried The Intuitive Program. Here's What A Few Of Them Had To Say...

This program has helped my baby and myself sleep better, which in return has helped my sanity😜

"We went from 6 night wakings to just 1.

Sometimes there are no wakings at all.

This program has helped my baby and myself sleep better, which in return has helped my sanity. 

I would absolutely recommend this program because it WORKS!

NO leaving your baby to cry etc. Thanks to Lucy for this incredible program that has changed our lives. 💕"


This is a huge improvement for us and I'm so thankful!

"Our baby had been waking up every 30 min to an hour for the last month. I was almost in tears at night and so frustrated.

On the 3rd night after putting the videos into practice baby is waking every 3 hours.

That’s a huge change for us and I’m so thankful!

I have hope that it will keep getting better."


⭐ Katie ⭐


It works!!! We're both so much more rested and content now.

"I purchased the program a week before my son turned 1.

He used to wake between 3-8 times a night. We're down to 1 waking and stirring for a feed at 4am. So far so good!

It works!!! We're both so much more rested and content now.

Thank you!!!"


⭐ Maree ⭐

Some Of The Features Parents Love!

Flexibility to Parent Your Way

No one knows your baby better than you! That’s why you’ll be in total control of how you get your baby to sleep and when you comfort them.

Feeding, rocking, and patting are all perfectly suitable methods in our Program.


Based on Modern Scientific Research

Unlike many conventional Sleep Training methods, our Intuitive Baby Sleep Program is backed by high-quality, modern research into early childhood sleep and development. Perfect for our Modern generation of parents!

Sleeping Baby

Respond Intuitively and Naturally

You’ll gain the knowledge, tools and self-permission to trust in your innate ability to listen to and understand your baby. This will enrich the attachment between you and your baby, which is vital for healthy brain and psychological development.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is different from many others in that it is 100% biological & entirely scientific, which is why it works for such a huge majority of babies. It achieves improved nighttime sleep by synchronising baby’s Essential Sleep Factors and Circadian Rhythm. You will follow our 6 Elements to make simple changes to the way your baby fills their day. You will learn to tune in to your baby’s cues & allow them to naturally regulate the timing & length of the naps that they take. We show you how to integrate & implement these Elements in order to synchronise your baby’s nighttime sleep so that it better aligns with yours. You can then join the ranks of thousands of other parents & babies who are sleeping better & feeling more connected thanks to our Program!

Our Intuitive Program vs Sleep Training

These 'old school' methods revolve around the need to train baby to settle themselves rather than seek comfort from their caregivers, because it is 'inconvenient' when baby seeks us out in the night.

Instead, our Program works to preserve this nurturing bond & secure attachment between parent & baby while still improving sleep quality, in a way that is developmentally appropriate for each baby.

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